2021 – Present

The organization is steadily growing and making its presence through many if its advocacy programs and activities carried out focusing on empowering and training parents/caregivers, teachers, facilitators and SEN Aides. Phensem PSGB with partnership with Save the Children, will also be reaching out families, service providers beyond Thimphu starting 2023. Phensem PSGB memberships have also grown steadily with 268 parents and families and 222 friends of Phensem making a total of 490 members so far. The journey has never been smooth and easy which was further added on with the COVID 19 pandemic. However, despite all odds, Phensem PSGB has been able to steadily pull through and though a small and newly registered CSO, it has been able to bring in small changes and bring hope to parents and families for a positive future for persons with disabilities.

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