Ama Sonam’s story

My Hero, My Strength
The story goes back to the year 2006 in spring when everything around looked beautiful and green but I was totally in the abyss of darkness.

During one of my visits to the JDWRH, Thimphu the gynaecologist informed me that my child was with Down Syndrome and all I could do was stare at her in shock and walk out dazed and in disbelief. I could not even speak a single word to my husband who was waiting outside. Both my husband I didn’t know much about Down Syndrome and I was worried about what my family would say but I was relieved by the immense support and care from all the significant people around and a huge load was lifted off my chest.

Now, having Pema in our family for 16 years has been amazing and I am grateful for having him in my life. Down syndrome has been a source of inspiration, motivation and strength to my family and I have begun to feel blessed in many ways. Pema is my role model .He keeps me grounded and helps me connect with everything happening in my life with insight, fun, meaning and confidence. He exudes such loving and joyful energy; and when I am around him, I become more confident that everything is going to be fine.

Today and every day, with Pema in our lives I have made a promise to myself that I’ll never ever feel sorry for myself and my son and for our lives being “different” and I’ll love my son just the way he is. Pema knows exactly who he is and what he wants and with his incredible strength and quiet determination has been the best teacher I have ever had.

Therefore, you may or may not know someone with Down Syndrome but please do NOT build a wall of sorrow or fear around the diagnosis. Remember that Down syndrome is neither a curse nor a disease, it is a condition just like any other condition in life and I wish upon you the strength and the power to understand and accept persons with Down Syndrome as one of your own.

~ Sonam Choden ( Pema’s Mother)

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